More Serious Than it Sounds

Soft Tissue Injury Lawyer Vancouver BCDespite the name, soft tissue injuries are serious affairs. Soft tissue refers to the muscles, ligaments and tendons that hold bones together. These type of injuries are difficult to identify and take skill and experience to prove, as they frequently occur when no other injuries are present. Soft tissue claims require the expertise of a soft tissue lawyer like Brahm Martz.

Take Your Time

Typically, ICBC tries to rush victims of soft tissue injury into settling before they’re fully recovered. Soft tissue injuries often take longer to heal than broken bones, with scar tissue remaining problematic long after the accident.

If your quality of life is being compromised, you deserve compensation.

Sometimes, permanent pain and disability can result from soft tissue injuries. ICBC knows how high these rewards can be. That’s why they begin defending these types of claims as soon as you make contact. Everything you say about your soft tissue injury will affect your claim, which is why it’s so important that you consult with a soft tissue injury lawyer before contacting ICBC. Brahm has handled hundreds of soft tissue injury claims. He knows what ICBC is going to ask and can prepare you to preserve your claim and get the evidence you need.

Get what you deserve. Call personal injury lawyer Brahm Martz before you talk to ICBC.