All About No Fault Benefits

vancouver-personal-injuryAre You Insured?

Almost everyone injured on BC’s roads is insured under Part 7 of the ICBC Regulations.

  • Owners of vehicles insured with ICBC and anyone who lives with them
  • BC residents with BC driver’s licenses and anyone who lives with them
  • Passengers in vehicles with BC license plates or out-of-town vehicles operated by individuals with BC driver’s licenses
  • Cyclists or pedestrians who collide with a vehicle insured by ICBC

What Are You Entitled To?

The majority of motor vehicle collisions are entitled to a maximum of $150,000 in medical benefits with the intention of getting you back to work as soon as possible.

  • ambulance services
  • medication
  • chiropractic treatment
  • physiotherapy
  • registered massage therapy

ICBC doesn’t cover 100% but a good lawyer can often convince ICBC to cover other treatments prescribed to you. You may also be entitled to Disability (Wage Loss) Benefits up to a maximum of $1,200 per month or 75% of your earnings. Other benefits are available, including up to $145 to help disabled homemakers cover assistance.

NOTE: While these benefits are not compensation for your loss, they assist you until your claim is settled. Benefits must be applied for. Hiring an experienced lawyer ensures that you qualify and collect everything to which you’re entitled.

Report your accident within 30 days and file your proof of claim within 90. Chances are, you’ll be prompted to provide more information than is your legal obligation. Protect yourself and consult with Brahm Martz first.