When you are injured in a motor vehicle collision,  you should call an experienced personal injury lawyer in Vancouver before you call ICBC. Than call your doctor to get the treatment you need. Call Us for a Free Call Consultation.

What you should know about ICBC claims

Time Limits

All legal claims have time limits. If you don’t act before the limit, you can lose your right to enforce your claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer can advise you how to protect your rights and even how to make a claim if you are too late.

Beware of ICBC’S Conflict of Interest

icbc claims lawyer vancouver bcIn British Columbia, ICBC is usually the insurance company for both drivers in car accidents. This puts ICBC in a conflict of interest, because ICBC has to take the side of the driver who caused the accident and the side of the innocent driver. If you are the innocent driver, when you go to ICBC to make a claim you may think you are talking to your insurance company. In fact you are talking to the adjuster for the driver who caused your accident. That’s why the adjuster wants to pay you as little as possible. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies, like ICBC. They often offer a quick settlement after a serious injury for less than what you are actually entitled to receive. If you accept, you can never get anymore, even if you deserve it. Insurance adjusters offer as little as they can. That’s their job. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer working for you to get you what you deserve. Call us. We can help. We work for you. That’s our job.

What You Say Will be Used Against You

Insurance adjusters often try to get a personal signed statement from you about your case. Without a personal injury lawyer advising you, you could say something which could hurt your case.

Act Fast– Know What to Do

The actions taken immediately after a serious injury are extremely important. Whether related to medical care or the circumstances of the collision, details need to be properly documented and witnesses need to be interviewed while their memories are fresh. Failure to properly do so may severely compromise the amount of money you receive and the future rights you may have. Call Brahm Martz, an experienced personal injury lawyer right away for a free consultation. Your first consultation with us is always free. Call us for free advice that will save you money and take the stress out of dealing with ICBC.

Selecting The Right Lawyer in Vancouver for the Job

Choose an ICBC claim lawyer in Vancouver with experience in handling personal injury claims to ensure your rights are protected and be informed about what you are entitled to. Choose a lawyer who has a reputation you can trust. Brahm Martz has over 30 years experience dealing with ICBC and personal injury claims and will provide personal attention to each file.

Insurance Benefit

car accident lawyer vancouver bcEveryone who is injured in a car accident in BC has a right to some benefits no matter whose fault the accident was. These “No-fault” benefits include: – payment for some medical and rehabilitation costs – part payment of lost wages – compensation for inability to do housework These “no-fault” benefits are usually the smallest part of your total compensation. Most of your compensation will come from the insurance company for the driver who caused the accident. Call us for a free consultation to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

ICBC Claims

When you call ICBC, you will be asked to give a statement. You should know that the person you talk to will be looking for defences to your claim and will use your statement to try and prove: – that you caused the accident – that you were not properly insured at the time of the accident – you were injured before the accident or had other problems – other facts to reduce the amount of compensation they must pay you.

Do You Have to go to Court?

Usually you do not have to go to court to get fair compensation. We settle more than 95% of our client’s claims without having to go in front of a judge. We use the court system to let ICBC know that if they do not treat you fairly, we will go to court to enforce your rights. We are trial lawyers who have the skills, experience and track record to take ICBC claims to court and this helps us settle most of our claims without trials. If your case does have to go to court, there are many stages of the process before the trial takes place and we take charge of the entire process for you and only get paid if we win.