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Our dedication is to you and the compensation you deserve. We champion your ICBC and personal injury claim. We listen to your needs, answer your questions and get you the results you need. We use medical records, medical specialists and interviews to support your claim, employing cutting edge technology and the latest mediation strategies to secure the best settlement possible. ICBC has its own legal department. Consider us yours.

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Brahm Martz

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Founding partner of Beach Avenue Barristers, Brahm Martz is a skilled negotiator and trial lawyer with over 30 years’ experience and a simple approach to winning: hard work & preparation – presenting claims correctly and avoiding common mistakes. Most often, we resolve claims through mediation and negotiation but when all else fails, Brahm has the skills and experience to go to court and get his clients exactly what they deserve.

Insurance adjusters collect evidence to reduce your compensation. Put your ICBC claim in the hands of an experienced personal injury lawyer who knows how to get results.

Why Brahm Martz is the Right Lawyer for You

  • Randy Hubbs

    Randy was seriously disabled for life, but ICBC only offered him $175,000. He refused and chose to fight and we won $1,000,000 for him.

    Read Randy’s Story

  • Barbara Moffat

    Barbara riding her bicycle to work when she was hit by a careless driver…

    Read Barbara’s Story

  • Carmen Siegers

    “Brahm was the best thing that happened to me. He was my ally and my supporter. He was the guy who was listening when nobody else was.”

    Read Carmen’s Story

  • Dylan Steyns

    “I felt very fortunate to have Brahm on my side. He got me through a very complicated case. I needed that to be able to carry on with my life and my career.”

    Read Dylan’s Story

  • Theepan Moorthy

    “My elderly mother’s fall was too small for many lawyers we called. Brahm took the case, and never made us feel that it was less important than a large claim.”

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