Barbara riding her bicycle to work when she was hit by a careless driver. Barbara is a nurse and at the time she was working as a research Project Director at the University of British Columbia. She was very fit. She rode her bike every day from False Creek to UBC and enjoyed being active. She is a strong woman who competed in triathlon races when she was younger and she was very determined to recover as fast as she could but she was seriously injured and recovery would take some time.

Barbara broke her sacrum and her pelvis and she couldn’t walk for months. She also had a crush fracture of a bone in her shoulder and broke several ribs and fingers. She had Soft Tissue Injuries to her neck and back, injuries that were serious and painful (but didn’t involve broken bones) and she received a nasty concussion. Motor Vehicle Accidents are often very frightening events and painful physical injuries often have psychological side effects as well, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Depression and Barbara needed treatment for these as well. She missed almost a full year’s work and it was even longer before she could say that she was fully recovered.
To do our part to make sure that Barbara would make a full recovery and get back to enjoying her life and her work, we had to make sure that Barbara got the care she needed from a team of rehabilitation specialists with training in a variety of different disciplines. Together we explored a combination of different kinds of therapy as we monitored her progress. We had to make sure that she received the assistance that she needed at home and that she had income to give her the time to heal. We did everything that we could to help her through a difficult time.

While Barbara was healing we worked on proving that the accident wasn’t her fault. This is often difficult if there are no independent witnesses and the injured person can’t fully remember what happened which often is the case after a concussion. We worked with her medical team and gathered all of the medical records and medical legal opinions that we needed and when Barbara was ready, she gave us instructions to settle her claim. We were well prepared and had an extensive file with proof of all of her losses and we were very familiar with her experience as it had unfolded so we were able to present a strong case and negotiate a settlement that Barbara was very pleased with and Barbara said, “and along the way, we enjoyed some good laughs”.

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