Theepan’s elderly mom was simply walking to the grocery store when she tripped on a messy pile of old newspapers and flyers in front of the store that the wind blew into her feet.  She fell down and hurt her arm and her back.  Luckily, she didn’t break her hip or her wrist or anything and it was expected that she would likely recover fully within the year, but she was in pain, housebound and unhappy for a time and was entitled to compensation.

Theepan found us online after several law firms had told him that the case was too small for them.   We agreed to meet with him and his mother and were determined to find a way to get her compensation.  It wasn’t a big claim but we are a small office and we can work very efficiently.  Sometimes you take cases because it feels right and we liked Theepan and his mother.

We decided that you can’t say that every client matters unless you are willing to act that way too.  So, we got the medical records from her doctor’s office.  Theepan helped by taking a few pictures and we focused our efforts on letters and emails and telephone calls to the insurance company until they agreed to settle for a fair amount.

We were all quite pleased with the result.

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