Dylan was a passenger in a car that was T-boned on the passenger side when a driver went through a stop sign speeding. Dylan was a full time restaurant manager in a popular restaurant in Vancouver and he was also was a talented dance instructor part time. His classes were the most popular in the dance school and so he and another instructor had just agreed to buy the school when Dylan was injured. It was very bad timing. They had plans to expand the school and Dylan was going to work full time as an instructor as the school grew.

Dylan hurt his neck and back in the accident and had a hard time for a few years. He was in a lot of pain and had to spend a lot of time and money on expensive rehabilitation treatments and he wasn’t able to work very much so he had serious financial difficulties as the bills piled up. He was trying to teach at the school but since he couldn’t dance himself, he needed an assistant to help him and that was money out of his pocket too.

Dylan’s friend told him about our law firm and our no fee until we succeed policy and he hired us to help him with his ICBC claim. Dylan needed us to convince ICBC to pay for his treatment and to pay him for the time he couldn’t work. We were able help him with that so he could concentrate on recovering.

When Dylan found out that he was never going to be 100% able to work full time in the kind of physical work that he did, he needed us to convince ICBC to help support him into the future. Through mediation, we negotiated a settlement that Dylan was very happy with and he avoided having to go to Court. Dylan was able to get control of his life and carry on with his career. He could use the money ICBC paid him to pay the assistant so he could teach more classes and the school became very successful. Dylan told us he was very happy that he had found us and we were very pleased we were able to help Dylan through a difficult time.

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