Randy was seriously disabled for life, but ICBC only offered him $175,000. He refused and chose to fight and we won $1,000,000 for him.

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“I felt very fortunate to have Brahm on my side. He got me through a very complicated case. I needed that to be able to carry on with my life and my career.”

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“Brahm was the best thing that happened to me. He was my ally and my supporter. He was the guy who was listening when nobody else was.”

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“My elderly mother’s fall was too small for many lawyers we called. Brahm took the case, and never made us feel that it was less important than a large claim.”

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Representation you can trust.
Compensation you can count on.

The reputation and expertise of the ICBC lawyer representing you is the difference between success and failure. Trust your claim to Brahm Martz and come out a winner.

  • Our commitment is to you, your claim & the settlement you deserve.
  • Empathy & expertise. We’ll treat your claim like it’s our own.



  • Miri Winkler (Google+)
    He handled my case in a professional manner...
        I retained Mr. Martz after an unfortunate slip and fall accident; I was not familiar with Mr. Martz at the time, I just googled “personal injury lawyer” in Vancouver and his website popped up.I liked what I read and set up an appointment with him. During our short “relationship” (about a year) I always felt comfortable and at ease in our meetings either over the phone or in person. He handled my case in a professional manner, listened carefully to my concerns and settled my claim to my full satisfaction. I would highly recommend him to any friend in need of legal assistance.
  • Diane Gagnon (Google+)
    Many other firms were unwilling to handle...

    Our elderly mother was involved in a trip-and-fall accident, which many other firms were unwilling to handle. Brahm was not only willing to represent us, but more importantly, never made us feel like our case was any less important based on claim values. 
  • Gurtej Bains (Google+)
    ICBC tried to say I wasn't badly hurt...

    After my motorcycle accident, I had to have 2 surgeries. ICBC tried to say I wasn't badly hurt, that my doctors were wrong and I wasn't credible. After a 10 day trial, I received everything that we asked for....5 times what ICBC had offered originally. Thanks Brahm!
  • Wendy Molina (Google+)
    After listening to what happened he assured me I had a valid claim...

    I slipped on ice in January 2009. I cracked my patella and had to have a cast. I searched the internet and found Brahm Martz's website. I called and set up an appointment. After listening to what happened he assured me I had a valid claim. My cracked patella was treated to a full leg cast, two weeks later I developed blood clots in my leg which went to my lungs. Got over this and then 10 months later developed blood clots in my injured leg again, which traveled to my lungs. I am now on blood thinners for life. After four binders full of medical information and reports Mr. Martz successfully lead me through mediation. Throughout the four years it took to get to mediation, Mr. Martz has met all the challenges of two defendants and their lawyers. He has kept me advised of everything and never gave up. Do not underestimate his soft approach.
  • Craig Jacobson (Google+)
    His experience dealing with vehicular accident claims...

    Brahm helped me a great deal with ICBC settlement. His experience dealing with vehicular accident claims was the game changer. I also was treated to great customer service by his staff. 5 stars through and through.
  • Jennifer Hirsch (Google+)
    I know that it was difficult but you persevered through...

    Thanks again for the time and effort you put into my case. I know that it was difficult but you persevered through. I appreciate it very much.
  • Taylor Skelton (Google+)
    I received a nice settlement that we both agreed was fair...
        I was in an MVA in 2011. ICBC refused to pay for my Physiotherapy let alone a settlement. I found Brahm Martz online and agreed for a consult. 3 years later, without any added stress (I was told to simply carry on living my life and I will be contacted when necessary) not only were all my physio statements reimbursed in full, I received a nice settlement that we both agreed was fair. I would recommend Beach Avenue Barristers, and Brahm in particular, to anyone involved in an MVA and seeking help. Thank-you again! TS  
  • I had never needed legal advice previously and was hesitant to consult,...
        I had an accident at my apartment. I had never needed legal advice previously and was hesitant to consult, but upon colleagues and friends urging me that this was a valid case against a home owner, I started looking for a lawyer.  I found Brahm on google, and after speaking to his legal assistant, Amanda, who was more than helpful, we began a 2.5 year case which ended up with a settlement.His personality is very soothing, and this is extremely important for an injury lawyer.  I was traumatized and the surgery and suffering I had to go through with the permanent damage sustained made me very vulnerable.  He made me feel in confidence, repeating often not to worry about anything, to concentrate on getting better and was always cordial.  Amanda as well.   He is also funny and personable, he knows how to make you feel important but mostly like an old friend you haven't seen in a while.  There is a level of comfort when dealing with him.I highly recommend him and his team for his honesty, personality and professionalism.  
    Johanne P. (Yelp)


– Improving the Lives of Accident Victims

We are a Personal Injury Law Firm committed to improving the quality of the lives of our injured clients. Brahm Martz is a skilled negotiator and a senior trial lawyer. He has a proven record for success and a reputation for winning tough cases. Brahm Martz has been a personal injury lawyer in Vancouver since 1984. He has won spinal cord and brain injury cases in the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the Court of Appeal.

Our law practice employs experienced Personal Injury Legal Support Staff who are highly skilled with specialized legal training. They work as an effective team, helping injury victims and their families recover from injuries and financial losses. Our clients have included folks with minor injuries as well as those suffering from catastrophic injuries, permanently disabled from their jobs.

– Experience and Dedication

We believe in hard work and being prepared. After years of experience, we know how to present a claim and how to avoid common mistakes. We start preparing your case soon as you hire us and we work hard at it until we get you a fair settlement.

We have obtained millions of dollars from ICBC for our clients. More than 98% of our cases are settled through effective negotiation, often with the assistance of senior mediators. If we can resolve your claim through negotiation and mediation, we will, but if we don’t think you are getting fair treatment, we have the skill and trial experience to go to court and get you what you deserve.


  • What is my claim worth?

    It is impossible to tell without first seeing how long you take to recover from your injuries and without obtaining and carefully reviewing medical reports and doing the proper research into the facts of your case and the law. Beware of anyone who tells you anything different.

  • How much will my lawyer cost?

    Your first call to us and initial interview will be free of charge. If you decide to hire us to work on your claim, our fee will be based on a fixed percentage of what we collect for you. Our fees are regulated by the Law Society of British Columbia and the Supreme Court of British Columbia to ensure that they are fair and reasonable. For our fee structure, call us at 604-688-2468 or Submit your Claim and we’ll tell you what we think about your claim and propose a fair and reasonable fee. Is my case worth hiring a lawyer? It is our experience that our clients receive more for their claims by using our services than by dealing with ICBC on their own. We have 30 years experience and ICBC knows it.

  • How long will my claim take?

    There is no clear answer to this question. In most cases we do not settle until you are healed or your doctors are able to predict with certainty what your final outcome will be. Cases where the claim is for more than $100,000 usually do not settle in less than 2 years time.

  • I met with ICBC and signed a lot of papers – Is that OK?

    Some of the documents ICBC will ask a person without a lawyer to sign are permissions that you give to ICBC to get private information from your doctors and your employer. This is often not necessary and we can revoke these permissions and still settle your claim.


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